Where To Start To Support Normal Kidney Function

There Is Hope
If You Know What To Do

Here is where to start …

If you just found out you had kidney issues or have known for a while and are looking for ways to help your situation this is a good place to start.

There are 5 areas you should be addressing to support normal kidney function and kidney health.

1. Work With A Good Nephrologist (aka. Kidney Doctor)!

If needed, prescription medications must be used when kidney disease is present. They are invaluable, and provide tremendous benefits.

The best, smartest and most science-based approach is using the best of both worlds. The best of conventional medicine combined with the right diet, supplements and lifestyle to support normal kidney function.

Aside from research, this also is where I personally have seen the best outcomes from thousands of people.

A good nephrologist is aggressive in your care and open to diet and supplements — an area in which they have little, to no, training in. Even if you do things to help yourself and even if they don’t completely understand them, a good nephrologist will still support your journey to better health.

However, research has shown that most people find it easier to not tell their doctor about what else they are doing to help themselves and just take the recommended medications.

Regardless of what you decide, we HIGHLY recommend you take all medications as prescribed and go see a nephrologist.

2. Diet Cannot Be Underestimated!

Without having healthier dietary habits you will be limited in what you can do for your kidney health. The kidneys play a vital role in nutritional management. Since nutrients come from food, this makes diet even more important when it comes to the kidneys.

There have been so many conclusive, science-based studies conducted showing the tremendous support provided for kidney health when a proper therapeutic diet is used.

There are numerous resources available in our books and products you can view in our shop.

You must make better diet changes to improve your situation. Just a few changes, like reducing sodium, have shown tremendous support for the kidneys.

Whether you decide to make a few changes or a complete overhaul of your diet, some dietary changes must occur to support kidney health.

3. Supplements: Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Nutraceuticals.

If you have poor kidney health you have vitamin, mineral and other deficiencies and imbalances occurring in your kidneys and your body.

Over 80% of people with kidney disease have a deficiency of vitamin D. The right supplements are a must if you want to support your kidney health the best you can. This is a large topic with many different supplements having the ability to support normal kidney function and kidney health.

We do offer supplements to support kidney health. You may be wondering what the difference is between them? Or if I should take this one over that one.

This section will help you distinguish between the products in our catalog and help you select the one that is best for you.

If you have any questions you can contact us through our website or call 1-800-927-1738

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4. Discovering the Root Cause & Addressing Multiple Factors

Kidney issues strike due to a variety of different reasons, there are so many potential underlying causes and contributors out there. So, it’s vital that you discuss with your nephrologist and your medical doctors what got you to this point, have all necessary testing (don’t assume your doctors are doing it, often they don’t) and use medications, diet, supplements and lifestyle changes appropriately.

5. Taking a Holistic Approach

Focusing on medications, nutrition and supplements is a great part of a multi-faceted strategy. It’s important you factor in the psychological stress, as this is often a cause of decline.

Factors such as a high stress job that is causing high blood pressure could also be damaging the kidneys. If you’re a smoker or drink alcohol often, you know you should quit. If you’re obese, losing weight will help your kidneys.

Address any lifestyle areas effecting your kidneys so that you can improve your health.

Having Kidney Issues Doesn’t Have To
Be A Death Sentence

Even if your health professional said there is nothing to do and you just have to wait around till your kidneys shut down. Just imagine for a moment that your health professional may not know everything there is about helping your kidneys.

Did you know they don’t teach diet, nutrition or anything having to do with supplements at medical schools? And if they do know they can’t talk about it for fear of losing their licenses.

It’s a fact and you’re going to have to take your kidney health into your own hands and do what you can to help yourself.

That’s why I created this website. To help the millions of people worldwide support normal kidney health and avoid what I had to go through.

So, spend some time searching this website and also, sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on ways to help yourself.

If you have questions feel free to contact us.

Stay healthy my kidney friends,

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