Kidney-D Optimized Vitamin D With 7 Kidney Nutrients for Supporting Normal Kidney Function

The Only Vitamin D Designed For Ideal Kidney Support & Whole-Body Health

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84% of people with poor kidney health have low
Vitamin D levels causing more problems.
This can be fixed …


Innovative Vitamin D Formula Rescues & Supports Normal Kidney Function, Heart Function & Every Organ … and Supports Your Long-Term Well Being!


Discover How a New “Vitamin D” Can Restore and Support Your Kidney Function & Kidney Health – Starting Today


Now you can use a 100% natural kidney supplement with higher quality nutrients to support normal kidney function! While balancing all other organs negatively affected by weakened kidneys … in one pill per day.

And, if you’re like most of the kidney folks who we’ve helped, you need Vitamin D3 and you may have been told by your doctor you need it.

Now, Vitamin D3 is not a miracle, but we factually know that people with kidney issues greatly benefit from proper and adequate Vitamin D3 intake. And, make no mistake, Vitamin D3 doesn’t just benefit the kidneys, it benefits every cell within your body!

A lot of what you’re experiencing physically and emotionally can be properly supported to promote normal kidney and whole-body health.

Allow me to show you that such a solution does exist. What’s more, it is available and thousands of people with kidney issues have already tried and have benefited from it.

It’s new. It’s the only Vitamin D3 targeted for kidney health and kidney problems. It’s totally different from all other kidney supplement products on the market because of the way it breaks with conventional kidney vitamins and kidney-health products.

  • A “first-in-market” innovation. 100% Safe and Natural.


  • The 8 important factors to a Total Kidney Support Supplement: Vitamin D3, Vitamins K2 as Mk7, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin E, and Selenium.


  • Nourishes the kidney cells without overworking them.


  • Targets multiple areas throughout your kidneys and whole body, and supports surrounding organs (the heart, liver, adrenal glands, skeletal system, lymph nodes, pancreas…)


  • Provides kidney specific antioxidants: for stronger kidneys and long-term normal functioning…


  • For people in any stage of kidney health: the ultimate Vitamin D for weakened kidneys and neighboring organs negatively impacted …


  • The ONLY Vitamin D3 optimized for kidney-health …


If you’re dealing with weak kidneys, you need Vitamin D, It’s the greatest 1st step to supporting healthy kidneys! And we’re happy to introduce you to Kidney-D.

The only Vitamin D designed for kidney health!


Why Most People with Weak Kidneys Are Deficient in Vitamin D?

As more people test their serum levels, we’re learning that few people are getting enough vitamin D. And if you have kidney problems this number greatly increases.

Some estimates have shown as many as 80% of people with kidney problems have a low Vitamin D level.

It’s not because you’re not getting enough sun, one way to obtain vitamin d, or not enough in your diet or supplements.

It’s simply because an injured kidney can’t convert Vitamin D to its active health benefiting forms.

So, when your kidneys are injured, you are most likely going to be low or deficient in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is so crucial for your kidneys and whole-body health, take a moment and …


Discover What Happens When You Have Damaged Kidneys with Low Vitamin D Levels

  1. Faster Progression of Kidney Damage
    Low Vitamin D levels speed up kidney damage. It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire. It’s bad enough you have kidney damage, but low Vitamin D just speeds up the kidney loss.


  2. You Die Quicker!
    Low Vitamin D with kidney problems increases your rate of mortality. So, plainly put, you die faster as compared to someone with adequate D levels.


  3. More Protein In Your Urine
    Low Vitamin D levels can also lead to excessive protein in the urine. Adequate Vitamin D may lead to supporting normal amounts of protein in your urine.


  4. Intense Joint & Bone Pain
    Vitamin D is known for keeping the body’s skeletal system in strong, normal working order. Without enough vitamin D, bones and joints become sore and inflamed leading to pain and possible bone loss. This is a big issue when dealing with kidney problems.


  5. Calcium & Phosphorus Imbalance
    Kidneys that are functioning normally help balance phosphorus and calcium in the body by helping produce active vitamin D. This leads to better absorption of these minerals and all of their benefits. With insufficient Vitamin D, these minerals can become imbalanced, bones become brittle and susceptible to sprains, fractures and breaks, while phosphorus becomes too overwhelming for the kidneys to successfully eliminate on their own.


  6. Hyperparathyroidism
    In people with kidney issues and low D, the parathyroid gland may detect calcium levels incorrectly and leech calcium from the bones into the bloodstream, leaving bones weaker and depositing excessive calcium into places where it shouldn’t be, like the heart and lungs.


  7. Decreased Immunity
    Less vitamin D, means MORE colds and infections, both of which also last longer because the immune system is weakened.


  8. Healthy Heart and Vessels
    Vitamin D supports normal artery and blood vessel function. A common issue of kidney problems is that it can lead to heart problems. Vitamin D supports a healthy endothelium. Which is a membrane that lines the inside of the heart and blood vessels.


  9. Support Normal Creatinine and GFR
    We know that if your Vitamin D levels are normal you have a more robustly supported creatinine and GFR.


  10. You Feel Better
    With kidney problems and normal Vitamin D you feel better. It supports normal energy, sleep, mood, and hundreds of other positive functions in the body.


  11. Normal Inflammation Levels
    When Vitamin D levels are normal it supports normal inflammation in the kidneys and the body.



How Much Vitamin D Do You Need If You Have Kidney Problems?

Checking your blood serum levels is the only sure way to know if you have low vitamin D levels, so it’s vital you have these checked periodically.

When you’re dealing with vitamin D deficiency, a high-potency vitamin D3 supplement should be your first choice.

Recent guidelines indicate a blood serum level of at least 30ng/mL to not be deficient.

However, for ideal kidney support, immune support and more. A vitamin D blood level should be 40 to 60 ng/mL.

That is what you should be aiming for!

When you reach those levels all the Vitamin D benefits are intensified. So, you get top level support for normal kidney function and kidney health.

What if you don’t know your Vitamin D levels?

Get tested and if you can’t get tested it’s safe to say anyone with injured kidneys can take 1,000 IU (25 mcg) to 2,000 IU (50 mcg) daily.


Avoid These Serious Mistakes When Taking Vitamin D

There are more and more people with kidney problems who are taking vitamin D supplements for supporting their health and are also more likely to make a few mistakes when choosing it.

When you take supplemental vitamin D, it is important to also get enough vitamin K2. Not only do the two vitamins work synergistically, vitamin D needs vitamin K2 to function properly.

This is especially true with injured kidneys.

But there’s another even more important reason to take them together, involving your long-term health…

Vitamin D transports dietary calcium throughout your body. Vitamin K2 helps make sure the calcium ends up where it belongs – absorbed by your bones.

This becomes even more important when you have kidney issues, because you run a risk of calcium not absorbing properly and depositing in places you don’t want it, effecting heart and bone health.

So, whenever you take a vitamin D3 supplement, you should also take vitamin K2.

That’s why we formulated Vitamins D3 & K2 – to help you get both vitamins at the same time in a single capsule.

That’s not all. When your kidneys are injured, you can be low in a variety of nutrients. So, we included the most common nutrients that are needed by anyone with poor kidney health. Not too much and not too little. Just the right amount to support normal kidney function and whole-body health.


Kidney-D contains …

  • 2,000 IU (25 mcg) of Vitamin D3, the optimal level for providing an effective daily dose for many, but not all, individuals (you may need to take more).Vitamin D supports serum calcium, phosphorus and parathyroid hormone (PTH) concentrations, vitamin D metabolism, strong bones in people with impaired kidney function and so much more … one vitamin supporting normal kidney function and whole-body health in dozens of different ways.


  • Provides 300 mcg of Vitamin K2 as MK7 – the optimal level of K2 for people with kidney issues. It’s superior support, featuring Vitamin K2 as the better absorbed MK7 for supporting normal bone health and cardiovascular health. Vitamin K2 has been well-documented in people with kidney problems who also experience concurrent Vitamin K deficiency. As kidney issues progress, your K2 levels may become low. MK7 can help support normal bone health, arterial calcification, heart health, flexible arteries and can even support normal activation of proteins responsible for influencing cellular growth regulation.


  • Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid which are often low when the kidneys are injured, because a lack of proper absorption. B12 and Folic help support good energy, brain health and provide kidney support. Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid have also been shown to support a normal cardiovascular system and protect against cardiac events, an ever-present danger in those living with kidney problems. B12 is also needed to support normal anemia levels.


  • Vitamin C can help people with kidney issues support their natural resistance against infections, this is especially helpful in those taking anti-rejection meds due to a kidney transplant. Additionally, Vitamin C can help support normal repair of red blood cells, bones and other tissues, it maintains healthy gums and speeds healing of cuts and wounds.


  • Vitamin E supports a normal immune system for kidney problems, renal nitric oxide (a kidney protective substance), normal kidney scarring and suppresses oxidative stress (cell damage stress) …


  • Selenium, a super kidney antioxidant, supports normal glutathione peroxidase activity in weak kidneys. Glutathione peroxidase is our body’s natural healer and supports normal free radicals and normal oxidative damage to tissues, including the kidneys and its vascular components.


  • Zinc for healthy DNA, metabolic function and renal system support. In people with kidney problems, zinc has shown a positive effect on weight, low protein status, immunity and supporting normal inflammation levels.


  • No Fillers or Undesirable Ingredients including soy, additives or sweeteners. Zero questionable ingredients in any of our products.


  • FDA Registered Manufacturer. There is no higher quality than an FDA inspected and registered manufacturing facility. Your Kidney-D is quality controlled to guarantee the same consistency, quality and results every time.


  • Use With Other Supplements and Medications. Kidney-D can be used along with other supplements and over the counter products. The ingredients are GRAS status (generally recognized as safe), so no worries about negative interactions.


  • No High Doses. Aside from Vitamin D and K2 all our other super kidney nutrients are within the recommended daily allowance. So, not too much but just enough to give you solid kidney support.




When looking for a top-quality vitamin D supplement, for renal health you will notice that there is not ONE single product designed and optimized for kidney support.

You need all these nutrients for kidney health and in order to get them you would have to take multiple amounts of pills from various products.

With our Kidney-D formula, you get a plethora of kidney nutrients in an optimal absorption in an easy-to-take, once-a-day capsule serving. We also include free product support by kidney health coaches to answer any questions you may have.

Just like vitamin D can’t function properly without vitamin K2, vitamin K’s benefits are impaired by too little vitamin D – so you need both nutrients together. That, along with 6 more kidney specific vitamins and minerals makes this a must have supplement in your cabinet.

Let’s explore some other reasons why you need these additional nutrients and why they are so important for kidney health…


Support Your Kidneys and Total Body Health With Vitamins D3, K2 & More …

We now know vitamin D is more important for kidney health than we ever imagined.

The rate of low vitamin D and deficiency in people with kidney issues is staggeringly high.

It’s never been more important than it is today to have adequate vitamin D stores to support normal kidney function and kidney health, but also immune function, respiratory, bone, cellular health, and so much more.

A fat-soluble pro-hormone, vitamin D penetrates nearly every cell in your body and has a great influence in supporting kidney health. Properly expressing as many as 3,000 genes. Which means your kidneys and your body will be less stressed and well supported.

Low vitamin K2 levels and deficiency has become very common among the kidney population. As kidney function declines, often Vitamin K2 levels will also become lowered.

Here’s why that’s important…

Studies show vitamin K2 plays a key role in cardiovascular and bone health through its ability to regulate calcium absorption and utilization and help maintain healthy, flexible arteries along with normal blood clotting.

Vitamin K2 also supports your brain, bones, muscles and nervous system.

Without proper amounts of B12 and Folic Acid you may contribute to renal anemia, poor memory, heart health and appetite. Mental fogginess, weak muscles, dizziness or balance issues.

Zinc is one of the most important minerals crucial for maintaining overall health. Serum zinc (Zn) levels tend to decrease when chronic kidney problems are present. Low zinc status can cause a wide array of negative complications, including renal anemia, poor caloric intake, greater likelihood of cardiovascular events, organ damage due to greater oxidative stress, sexual dysfunction and even faster loss of kidney health.

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that helps prevent free radicals from ravaging the kidneys. This not only supports normal inflammation but also supports normal kidney scarring. Vitamin E has also been shown to support normal eGFR levels and boost nitric oxide production in the kidney. Along with supporting flexible healthy arteries and veins.

Vitamin C helps absorb iron, supports a healthy immune system and normal oxidative stress in the kidney cells. Vitamin C has also been linked to supporting normal thyroid function and even helping to improve anemia.

Selenium is a powerhouse antioxidant which provides tremendous support for people dealing with kidney issues, in which levels are typically low. As it is a powerful antioxidant, many of its benefits lie in its ability to ward away oxidative stress, helping support normal inflammation, nutritional status, and immunity to guard against infections and support slow progression of kidney issues.


Give it a try at Our Risk!
3-Month No-risk 100%
Money Back Guarantee

Order your supply now, and use it as if it were yours. After taking the recommended servings, if you do not feel and see the results, or you feel any dissatisfaction whatsoever, send me back the bottle and we’ll refund your purchase price immediately.

We won’t hassle you with questions or forms to fill out, but we would appreciate it if you described what’s happened and whether we can look into your case and see what the situation is. Our product has been thoroughly tested; it would mind boggle us if it didn’t work for you.


Get Started With Kidney-D Today

I can’t stress it enough… the combo of vitamins D3, K2 and 6 more kidney supporting nutrients is absolutely essential for your kidney health.

You need it to support normal kidney function and kidney health, but that’s not all. These 8 kidney specific nutrients are critically important for strong bones, heart health, cellular health, memory and mood, stronger muscles, metabolic health and so much more.

These nutrients penetrate your kidneys cells (and just about every cell in your body) for maximum support from the natural nutrients your body and kidneys need to function properly, rejuvenate and be as healthy as you can!

And, remember, for a healthy body and healthy kidneys be sure to take vitamin D3 with K2. That’s one mistake you don’t want to make…

Now, with Kidney-D, you get D3, K2 with 6 more kidney specific vitamins and minerals in one easy-to-take capsule so you’ll never again forget to take all these different nutrients.

Don’t take a chance on becoming low or deficient in these crucial nutrients. Order our Kidney-D formula today for your kidneys well-being.



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