2 Sodium Bicarbonate Products! Delayed Release Capsules Or Powder for Supporting Normal Kidney Function & Acid Relief

Designed Specifically To Support Optimal Kidney Health & Acidity

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Product Description

Sodium Bicarb

Our Sodium Bicarbonate Products are Brand New and Have Quickly Become Some Of Our Bestsellers Limiting Supply Till Production Catches Up

While Not Currently Available On Our Website They Are Available Through Our Store On Amazon.com

You Can Purchase Our Delayed Release Sodium Bicarb Capsules Or Sodium Bicarbonate+ Powder Formulation On Amazon from clicking any link below


Sodium Bicarb Capsules
Sodium Bicarbonate+ 2 LB. Bag
Sodium Bicarbonate+ 1.5 LB. Bag
Sodium Bicarbonate+ 1 LB. Bag


A Little Info About Our Products


Our Sodium Bicarb offers all of the acid-buffering benefits of pure, sodium bicarbonate in a delayed-release capsule, so it gets to where it’s most needed to better support normal kidney acid and normal alkalization throughout the body’s numerous systems.

Sodium Bicarbonate+ is a premium-quality sodium bicarbonate blended with superfoods for kidney health (lemon, lime, moringa, and cranberry) to create a superior alkalizer, with natural acid-buffering attributes, plus four superfoods to help support kidney alkalinity and so much more!