The Complete Guide To Renal Diet Plans & Cookbooks: For Slowing, Stopping & Supporting Rejuvenation of Kidney Function & Kidney Health!

The ONE Cookbook & Diet Guide For Quickly Supporting Normal Kidney Function...

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Because what you eat DOES make a difference
in your kidney health…

Here’s The ONE Cookbook And Diet Guide
For Supporting Normal Kidney Function That Can Ease Your Treatment, Speed Rejuvenation & Help Your Kidney Health

– It Even Makes Mealtime
Enjoyable For The Whole Family


Complete Renal Diet Plan & Cookbooks
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“Like most people reading this, I’ve suffered through every stage of kidney disease – from kidney failure, to the surgical creation of an A/V fistula, hemodialysis, and a kidney transplant…”

…so regardless what stage you’re in, I know how you feel about YOUR condition. What’s more important, I know what you can do about it – in the kitchen, and on the road!

Like many other CKD sufferers…

I knew proper nutrition would be critical to
managing my health, and recovering from a transplant

…yet when I went looking for a decent renal diet planning and nutrition guide – something that would tell me what foods you should eat and which to avoid for supporting normal kidney function for the long term, reducing symptoms, and speeding the whole recovery process…

Every book I found let me down in one way or another. They were either too complicated to follow on a daily basis … or so over-simplified as to be practically useless!

Throughout the progression of my kidney probelms, I found a holistic approach to health helped alleviate many of my issues. So I began formal training in the nutrition and holistic health sciences … and then, after my kidney transplant, I went into private practice.

Look, anyone with kidney issues – especially an advanced stage – has enough on their mind, already: Fear of the treatment ahead, fear of possible side-effects, fear of the pain, the financial impact, the unknown, wondering “Will it get worse?”…

You certainly shouldn’t have to worry about what to eat or not eat, too.

Nonetheless, in my work with THOUSANDS of kidney sufferers looking for relief, I hear things like this every day:

  • “Most days, I’m too tired to think, never mind cook – I need something quick and easy.”


  • “I’m so confused about what to eat – half what I hear seems to conflict with the other half!”


  • “I’ve heard I shouldn’t drink coffee. Do I REALLY have to give it up?”


  • “It’s not mealtime that messes me up, it’s snacks. Isn’t there ANYTHING I can have besides carrots and celery sticks?”


  • “I’m afraid of eating something that might make things worse … but I also wonder whether I’m not eating something that could make things better!”


  • “I’m on the road a lot for work and end up eating in restaurants and fast food joints. Is there any way to do that and still look after my kidneys?”


  • “What foods are safe for MY particular stage of CKD … and which are not?”


Fortunately, these questions – and many more – are answered in my book The Complete Guide To Renal Diet Plans & Cookbooks.

We both know how hard it can be…

Like everyone else I work with, you just want to know how you can make meals that are good for you and support your kidney health, regardless of your treatment or what stage you may be at … with enough flavor and variety to please your entire family. Right?

That’s why I’m so excited to share a resource that not only gives you a basic understanding of nutrition for a sound kidney diet, along with specific recipes and weekly renal diet plans…

It also ADAPTS that information for EVERY STAGE of kidney issues (because yes – your needs, your body’s needs DO change throughout).

In fact, for many people, the advice and recipes in this book may be just the ticket to having MUCH healthier kidneys than you were before!

“The Complete Guide To Renal Diet Plans & Cookbooks”

Hi, I’m Robert Galarowicz ND – Naturopath and kidney health expert, with advanced training in clinical & holistic nutrition …

…and author of what many are calling the most helpful, easiest-to-understand (and use) book they’ve ever seen on how to eat for optimal health as a kidney survivor.

It’s chock-full of wisdom on how to favorably modify your diet and optimize your body’s ability to support normal kidney function and kidney health … and  give you back some of that confidence and control over your life and your body, that you may have felt slipping away since your diagnosis

… to see you get through your experience with greater confidence, reassurance, and strength … and eliminate any worries or fears you may have had about food and nutrition for renal health.

Did you know…

98% of kidney diet books use only the “nutrition and dietetics” approach for renal problems – but that’s just not good enough, once you’re beyond Stage 2.

And often these books are cranked out by “cookbook factories” who just farm out the recipe creation to chefs who have no idea what it’s like to suffer with the effects of kidney problems, or recovering from a kidney transplant!

By contrast, “The Complete Guide To Renal Diet Plans & Cookbooks” truly is written especially for you – one patient to another.

With the feedback I’ve gotten from the thousands of people I’ve worked with personally, and the thousands more who have purchased my health products to support good kidney health…

I know what works and what doesn’t. And I use the same diets, supplements, and life style recommendations for myself that I recommend to others.

But what makes this book so much better than the rest?

First of all, I address ALL 5 stages of kidney health – because, ideally, you need to change your diet according to the stage you’re in. . 

So I’ve narrowed down the science, along with my experience with thousands of clients, to three diets showing consistent benefits for long term kidney health:

  • Low to Very Low Protein Diet (supplemented with specific nutrients to overcome any deficiencies such a diet might otherwise lead to)


  • Vegan/Vegetarian Diet For Kidney Disease


  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Kidney Disease Diet


And I clearly show you how to determine WHICH diet should you choose – depending on several factors such as the stage you’re in, whether you have diabetic kidneys, and of course what diet YOU will be able to stay on.

What else will you discover in “The Complete Guide To Renal Diet Plans & Cookbooks”? Take a look:

  • The “MyPlate” Method for easily determining serving sizes


  • The importance of water, hydration & calculating what you need


  • Cooking techniques to lower potassium and sodium


  • How to read food labels to get the most out of our diet


  • Baking & bread-making (because you still want to ENJOY eating!)


  • How to calculate your protein needs. (This is an important consideration at ANY stage, and with ANY diet!)


  • What to do if you have protein in your urine – and how to find out! (This condition, termed proteinuria, is the biggest factor leading to the progression of kidney problems.)


  • The roles of phosphorous, alkalinity, sodium, fiber, potassium, and both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant factors in managing your kidney health


  • We even discuss sweeteners, condiments and seasonings, oils (and how to mix your own HEALTHY salad dressings), beverages (both hot and cold) … and which ones are “safe”, “moderately safe”, or should be avoided at all costs!


Having kidney issues doesn’t mean you can’t dine out. There are just certain precautions you must take to ensure your good time out is as easy on your kidneys as possible. So I give you some general tips to keep in mind– whether you’re eating low-pro, vegetarian, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Asian, or American fare!

And it’s not all “eat this, don’t eat that” either. Instead, you get the CONCEPTS behind each diet so you can come up with your own options, according to your personal likes and dislikes. (Because no diet will work unless you can stick to it!)

What Other Readers
Have to Say…

“This program is unlike any other book on kidney problems that I have read. I learned so much I feel like an expert on how to  help improve my kidney function with diet.” -Marie, UK.


“I followed the diet and I feel so much healthier! I will continue to do the diet to help support my kidney function even more in the coming weeks. My life is changing for the better.” -Gladys, FL, USA.


“When I started the diet, I was surprised it was easier than I thought to make the simple changes I needed to ensure my food choices were kidney-friendly.” -Richard, MI, USA.


“I have a better appetite and the swelling in my legs and feet is reduced. And the best thing is my pressure is even looking better! I enjoy every meal and feel better about what I’m eating to boot!” -Rose, NY, USA.


The Complete Guide
to Renal Diet Plans
and Cookbooks


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Making an improvement in your nutrition can have a profound effect on your kidneys. AND how you feel about yourself and your life.

A sound therapeutic diet is the most important factor in preserving and supporting normal kidney function and kidney health – without it, most other efforts to preserve and improve your kidneys will have little long-term effect. That’s why I want to encourage you to take action today.

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The Complete Guide
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I hope this book serves you well – helping relieve your issues, encouraging you to eat better, and a greater feeling of empowerment and control over your life.

Wishing you well on your journey,

Robert Galarowicz, ND