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Discover How Purified Omega-3s Can Support Your Kidneys & Overall Health...

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Product Description

Are you worried that you’re on the fast track to a total kidney meltdown?

Discovered in the Black Ocean Depths, A Natural Product That Can Promote And Support Normal Kidney Function Naturally!

If You’re Stressed Out About Your Kidney Health Make Sure To Read This Entire Page!

Dear Friend,

Kidney problems is a personal crusade for me. I’ve been through every stage of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) myself. It was terrifying when my doctor told me I had it.

If you’ve just been diagnosed or suffering for a while, I understand the fear and anxiety you’re feeling.

When you’re faced with poor kidney health, it’s a grim future ahead of you with few options.


I’m here to tell you that there is HOPE. I’m LIVING PROOF!

You can support your kidney health if you just know the right things to do.

If you’ve recently been told you have poor kidneys or are worried about your kidney health, I have good news for you.

It Doesn’t Have To Go From
Bad To Worse!

You’re about to discover why this unique supplement can provide critical nutrients and optimal nutritional support for your kidney health. I’ll share more on that great news in just a moment.

First, let’s get through the unpleasantries.

Kidney problems are a serious matter.

It can slowly sneak up on you like a thief in the night. You won’t likely experience symptoms at stage 1 or 2.

And by the time you feel the warning signs such as – extreme fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath – you’re already sitting with the doctor who’s about to tell you what you don’t want to hear…

…that you have stage 3 or 4 kidney problems. That’s if you were lucky enough to receive an accurate diagnosis. Kidney issues are often overlooked, not taken seriously by professionals or misdiagnosed until it’s a later stage.

Doctors will lead you to believe that your condition is sliding in one direction, from bad to worse.

Worse means waiting around for total kidney shutdown.

To survive, you must get connected to a dialysis machine 3 times a week, up to 4 hours at a time. Say goodbye to the life you used to have. Your life will revolve around the dialysis machine from now on. Plus, the misery of all the symptoms that come with dialysis make life extremely difficult to live. 

And, if that doesn’t sound dreadful enough, once your kidneys start to fail … the next step is to join a waiting list for a transplant.

If You’re Lucky, You Can Get a Kidney Transplant

Getting chosen for a transplant is like winning the lottery.

If you’re fortunate, young enough, have the money, and meet all the eligibility requirements … you end up with a kidney transplant.

The organ might last 7 to 15 years on average.

But there’s a chance your body will reject the foreign tissue after the operation.

You’ll spend the rest of your life taking anti-rejection medicine. Expect to spend months enduring some of the worst side effects imaginable while your body adjusts.

Also, the medication puts you at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Plus, the never ending cost of life long medications, doctors visits and testing. 

That’s not all. If the donor’s kidney fails, then you’re right back to where you started … If you survive that long.

This is why this could be the most important information you’ll come across during your lifetime.

Let me tell you why …

Living With The Nightmare of
Kidney Disease

Dr. RobHi, my name is Robert Galarowicz ND. I lived through the scenario that you just read above, only mine was worse.

I was only 22 years old when I found out I had kidney disease and they were rapidly failing. My doctor told me that at most, I had ten years left!

I was young enough and lucky enough to get on a transplant waiting list. For two and a half years my life revolved around the pain and sadness of dialysis with the needle stuck in my arm for hours every week. I woke up every day feeling awful. I hoped and prayed that I would get a transplant.

Then I got lucky . . .

I got a call from the transplant center. I was so excited that they had found a kidney for me!

But, the surgery didn’t go smoothly, in fact, I almost died.

The kidney I received was no better than a stage 3B kidney disease. With downcast eyes, the doctor told me that I would be lucky to have seven years with the transplant. He was trying to be optimistic.

It Was Like Watching A Timer Ticking Down For 7 Years!

I refused to accept that fate. I was determined to support my kidney health myself.

So, after healing from the surgery, and adjusting to all the anti-rejection medications they gave me, I went back to school.

Studying for many years, I became a Naturopath & Nutritionist and expert in clinical nutrition, and natural health sciences. I am an author of 15 books on natural healing and have two offices in New Jersey.

Learning everything possible about kidney problems and conventional treatments and natural remedies, I made a commitment to help myself and others from becoming a statistic.


I found ways to helping my kidney problems.

Even now, 14 years after my transplant, I’m still scared of becoming a statistic.

I found something that helped me beat the odds…

My Story Can Help You

There are two reasons for sharing with you:

  1. I can relate to what you’re experiencing. I know the anxiety, fear, fatigue, and hopelessness…
  2. You don’t have to suffer the way I did if you take my advice below.

Two Decades of Searching for Ways
to Improve Kidney Health

Even if you’ve received horrible news, there’s hope and a way to support kidney health.

Through years of struggling and experimenting, I developed a natural product that helps you and me have optimal nutritional support for kidney health & kidney function without harmful drugs. It’s called…

“The Most Potent Kidney Revitalizing Supplement and Kidney Support Product Out There

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for our bodies and especially our kidneys at a cellular level. Without an adequate supply of them, the organs, especially the kidneys struggle to stay healthy and keep the body in harmony.

In fact, the kidneys are one of the fattest organs in the body and soak up omega-3 fatty acids like a dry sponge put in water. Nourishing, cleansing and supporting the kidneys!

Today, the modern Western diet is deficient in beneficial fatty acids. And since the body doesn’t naturally produce omega-3s on its own, you must get them from food sources.

The Best Source Comes from the Deepest Oceans

The most potent form of omega-3s come from fish. However, not just any type of fish. You need wild-caught fresh fish like sardines, mackerel, and salmon that remain free from toxins.

They catch these species in deep, cold, pristine ocean waters in the north Atlantic and Pacific oceans, far from sources of pollution.

It’s not the same for farm-raised fish that are crowded into nets and living in rivers or shallow bodies of water near shore. With farm-raised fish, there is an increased risk of toxins including dioxins, PCBs, mercury and more.

Kidney Shield™ only sources their omega-3 from more potent, toxin-free wild-caught fish. And Kidney Shield’s omega-3s are molecularly distilled (the highest purification process) to ensure not one microscopic toxin is in your product!

Why Kidney Shield™ Helps
Support Your Kidneys

First, you must appreciate what your kidneys do and how they function. I’m not going to get into a big science lecture, but you must understand the problems.

Your kidneys filter the toxins and impurities out of your blood. About 120 to 150 quarts of blood pass through the two kidneys each day, producing about one to two quarts of urine.

High-blood pressure and diabetes are the two main culprits that cause kidney disease. Of course, there are other causes, but no matter how the kidneys get damaged, they lose their ability to clean the blood creating other health issues in the body.

When that happens, dangerous levels of waste, toxins, and fluids can build up in your body instead of flushing out with the urine.

If the kidneys are impaired and have lost normal function for greater than three months, that’s a sign of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

CKD can cause other complications like high blood pressure, low blood count (anemia), bone disease, heart disease, weakness, poor quality of life and premature death.

And, stress can make everything worse.

Don’t let the doctor’s cause you more stress.

Kidney Shield™ will help be your Kidney Revitalizer. It did for me.

Inflammation is there whenever kidney disease is present. Inflammation can cause problems for kidneys and other organs in your body.

Researchers discovered that omega-3 fatty acids nutritionally support a healthier inflammatory response when the EPA & DHA, two compounds, reach a certain level.

That’s When I Knew There Was Help for Anyone Who Wants Healthier Kidneys

I also discovered that omega-3 fatty acids are essential to preserving, promoting and maintaining kidney health. They can nutritionally support a healthier inflammation and immune responses throughout your body. Kidney Shield soothes an irritated kidney. 

I work with a top quality manufacturer with every certification you can imagine (ISO, HACCP, USDA Organic, just to name a few…) to make my formulation…and it worked for me!

The omega-3 fatty acids found in Kidney Shield™ are the most potent and pure you can see in any supplement because they’re sourced from wild-caught fresh fish.

The proprietary formulation in Kidney Shield™ contains high amounts of the two essential omega-3s, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).

When these two essential fatty acids reach certain levels such as in Kidney Shield™ they provide the critical nutrients for optimal kidney support.

Even the American Heart Association recognizes the importance of omega-3s for heart health and recommends a dosage of 1,000mg of omega-3 per day.

Every 2 pills of Kidney Shield™ packs a whopping 1,500 mg. in a balanced proportion of 800 mg EPA, and 600 mg DHA, plus 100 mg. of other omega-3 fatty acids. Exactly what the kidneys love.

Most inferior, drug store brands and even brands found online and vitamin stores contain just 1,000 mg. or less, with only 80-150 mg of EPA and 20-100 mg of DHA.

And, with Kidney Shield, you won’t have to put up with that awful “fishy” taste to get the benefits of omega-3s. I took care of that by adding a touch of natural rosemary and lemon, so there is no objectionable flavor. No FISHY TASTE!

All I know is my one transplanted kidney is still good, even though it’s over 18 years ago and it was already at stage-3B kidney disease when they transplanted it.

And, I’m not the only one.

What Other Kidney Shield™
Users Have to Say…  


My function was low and my doctor approved of me taking kidney shield. He said it would also help my heart. My blood test was better 5 months later. I am very hopeful that with this product I could live out my life without kidney failure.


My doctor said I am doing better with my kidneys. I feel better and my cholesterol got better, and I thank kidney shield for helping me.!
–Elizabeth M., San Jose, CA

My doctors are confused with how much better my kidneys are doing. I credit Robert, who I met in person, and kidney shield for much of the progress I’vs made. I used health kidney incs other products and I know this is all helping me. 
– Marcus L., Queens, NY

I get worried about my blood pressure, but I take my meds to control it and after adding kidney shield I think its been easier to control. My function increased a little and my nephrologist thought that was good. So, I am going to keep taking it.
– Beverly, Waukegan, IL


Revitalize your kidneys by trying Kidney Shield™ today.



Kidney Shield

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Kidney Shield
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To make you 100% comfortable with getting some today…

Your Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed


Try Kidney Shield™ risk-free for 60-days. If for any reason, you don't feel better, just contact us for a no-hassle complete refund. You don't have to return the bottle.


Each Bottle Can Lasts 2 Months

Every bottle of Kidney Shield contains 120 pills with doses containing 1,500 mg per 2 pills of the best omega-3 fatty acids. You can take up to 4 pills per day, but start with two to see how you feel. Let your kidneys adjust to new-found support. You can gradually increase your amounts after 1-2-weeks. A great dose for most people is 3-4 pills per day and take with food. Higher amounts can be used to support more kidney health.

It contains only pure molecular distilled natural fish oils, no harmful drugs or toxins in our product, so it’s very safe. With no adverse reactions. 

Here’s to better kidney health!

Robert Galarowicz N.D.

P.S. Support your kidneys and feel the difference. I know what you’re going through, the fatigue, nausea, and the emotional drain from the doctor’s. Don’t give in. Try a bottle today.


Kidney Shield

Send payment to:
Healthy Kidney Inc.
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Kidney Shield
3 Pack


Send payment to:
Healthy Kidney Inc.
501 North Avenue GF
Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075