Phosphorus Binder For Kidney Health Plus Nutrients To Detox, Support Normal Cholesterol & More

Phosfix! Nature’s Perfect Phosphorus Blocker …

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Product Description

Want A Natural Phosphorus Blocker with Multiple Kidney Benefits?

PhosFix is Your Answer!

Support Normal Kidney Function, Healthy Phosphorus & Cholesterol Levels!


When you want to support kidney health, phosphorus is a mineral that should be kept in balance …

When phosphorus is out of balance, it can result in weakness and pain in your joints and muscles, red eyes, and itching. And if it’s really out of balance, you might experience severe constipation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and a lot of unhealthy stress on your kidneys.

Now, any of these issues would be reason enough to want to keep phosphorus under control. But when your phosphate level gets TOO high, THAT … can be DEADLY!


But isn’t Phosphorus GOOD for you?


Yes … to a point.

Phosphorus is vitally important for building healthy bones and a healthy body. Phosphorus is also important in the health of your kidneys, muscles, blood vessels – in fact, every cell in your body! (That’s because phosphorus plays such an important role in the structure of nucleic acids and cell membranes. And it’s involved in your body’s energy production, too!)

But any of several factors can cause levels to rise. And of course, for most folks, that’s not a problem because their kidneys remove any excess phosphorus from their blood … keeping their levels of phosphates AND other minerals in check.


When your kidneys aren’t working healthy, your phosphorus levels can shoot up way too high. This can cause calcium to be out of balance and cause dangerous calcified deposits in your heart, blood vessels, eyes, and lungs.

Plus, it puts stress on the kidneys leading to poorer kidney health.

So, when phosphate levels rise, your first step should be to restrict how much phosphorus you consume, stay well-hydrated, and be sure you get enough exercise.

When those measures don’t do the trick, you may be recommended a “phosphate binder” to limit the amount of phosphorus your body can absorb, thereby lowering your phosphorus level.


Reduce dietary phosphorus and take binders. Got it! Or … is there a problem with that, too?


First of all…

Cutting back on phosphorus in your diet often means cutting down on protein too because they’re found in so many of the same foods, together. And not getting enough protein is already a problem for many people – ESPECIALLY people with kidney issues – causing muscles to lose strength and waste away!

And for anyone with really poor kidney health, manipulating your diet alone may not be enough to keep your phosphorus at a healthy level.


But what about those phosphate-binders?


Well, most of those are made with either aluminum, calcium or another man-made ingredient. They can work but come with issues, are expensive and some people can’t tolerate them.

If they contain aluminum compounds (like aluminum hydroxide) then they can cause damage to the brain that can leave you feeling confused, and acting unlike your “usual self”) as well as softening of the bones.

And if you’re already taking calcium as a supplement, then those phosphate-blockers containing calcium can cause any of those tissue-damaging calcification issues mentioned above!


Okay! So How Do I Support Healthy Phosphorus Levels?


It’s B-3 to the rescue!

Healthy phosphorus levels are critical, given the extensive negative impact unhealthy phosphorus levels can have on your body.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B-3) safely BLOCKS (or “limits”) phosphorus, rather than binding with it, to support healthy kidney function. Because of this, niacinamide won’t cause constipation or have any potential negatives.

Another huge advantage of taking niacinamide to support healthy phosphorus levels is that you can eat a little more protein (if you want) to help prevent muscle wasting – a common, and often debilitating, problem (especially in older peoples kidneys)!

Now, you COULD just take extra B-3. And that MIGHT help. A little. But if you’re SERIOUS about supporting healthy phosphorus levels and kidney health we’ve got a far better solution for you:

Introducing PhosFixTM
–because you deserve MORE than just niacinamide


“My phosphorus levels used to be DANGEROUSLY high! But with PhosFix, some changes in my diet, and the info in the free Guide I got, I’m now back on track. (Even my BUN level went down!) I am so happy I found PhosFix online. I now enjoy a tremendously improved quality of life!”
– Phil Stern, Boise, ID


Just for you, as a kidney sufferer myself DETERMINED to support healthy phosphorus and kidney health NATURALLY and EFFECTIVELY…

Healthy Kidney Inc now brings you PhosFix – the most effective, all-natural phosphorus support – available!

Created by a Naturopath & Nutritionist who has gone through all stages of kidney issues, PhosFix is designed with the strongest phosphorus blockers Mother Nature provides to help successfully halt absorption of this important mineral by the kidneys, and keep them from becoming overworked and overwhelmed.

This all-natural nutritional supplement supports…


  • normal, healthy phosphorus levels in your kidneys!


  • normal (ie: HEALTHY!) toxin elimination so there’s less stress on your kidneys


  • a more varied diet, so you can eat more of the foods you love and still maintain healthy phosphorus levels (Just don’t go crazy with that, okay?)


PhosFix’s primary ingredient, niacinamide, (as discussed above) is a natural phosphorus-blocking powerhouse which supports optimal kidney health and healthy cholesterol levels.

…but we don’t stop there!

PhosFix is further optimized with a whole host of natural kidney-soothing and restorative ingredients … working synergistically to support healthy phosphorus levels, healthy cholesterol levels, and support normal toxin elimination and kidney function.

And this attention to detail, and our commitment to bringing you only the finest, the most effective health supplements possible … leads to tangible benefits you can actually feel:


  • Less fatigue


  • Higher energy


  • Stronger bones


  • And healthier cholesterol levels!


Avoid the pain, anxiety, fatigue and misery of unhealthy phosphorus levels.


“I noticed relief after just a week-and-a-half of using PhosFix. I am quite pleased with how much healthier my phosphorus levels are, now. I feel so much better!”
– Tammy-Lynn Hansen, Mobile, AL


More powerful, more effective
than niacinamide alone!


Sure, niacinamide is definitely one powerful and effective phosphorus blocker, all on its own…

…but here at Healthy Kidney, we’re never satisfied until each of our supplements is the absolute BEST it can be! And that’s why every capsule of PhosFix is enhanced and optimized with these additional “super nutrients” to work FASTER and STRONGER:


  • Chitosan (made from the shells of crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp, and lobster) supports normal phosphorus levels, toxin elimination and cholesterol levels.


  • F.O.S. (Fructo-oligosaccharides), a “prebiotic”, supports the growth and strength of probiotics to support a normal BUN, creatinine, and GFR levels.


  • Inulin, another prebiotic, supports more effective and efficient normal toxin elimination.


Fructo-oligosaccharides (or F.O.S.) are non-digestible plant sugars that have no effect on blood sugar levels. Instead, they travel through the digestive system to the large intestine, where they support the growth of healthy bacteria, aid in supporting both weight and cholesterol levels, and help support healthy blood glucose levels.

Both FOS and inulin are potent prebiotics that feed, and help maximize the growth of, probiotics in the gut to support a healthy normal GFR, BUN, and creatinine levels, along with normal toxin elimination.


Lastly CHITOSAN the Intestinal Police


Rounding out the list of synergistic restorative ingredients in PhosFix is Chitosan, to support normal toxin elimination pathways, healthy cholesterol & phosphorus levels.

Which all these benefits lead to supporting normal kidney function and kidney health.

Chitosan is a non-digestible dietary fiber with a network of especially large molecules, chitosan supports normal phosphorus levels and toxin elimination because it binds to toxins, phosphorus, fats, and cholesterol in the digestive system, and carries them straight through … like an intestinal police force tossing those “unrulies” into jail!

Chitosan also supports a healthy inflammation response, a healthy appetite, strength and sleep!

By combining these vital nutrients in a very specific way to address these critical areas, PhosFix helps support healthy phosphorus levels so your kidneys do less work and aren’t taxed beyond their limits.


Made right here in the U.S.A., in an FDA-registered facility with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, using only the highest-grade ingredients … to give you consistent quality, consistent results, with every bottle.


Here at Healthy Kidney Inc, we’re committed – heart and soul – to using only the purest, premium-grade ingredients to bring you the very best in hypoallergenic, science-based, kidney-boosting dietary supplements that deliver predictable, repeatable, DESIRABLE results – EVERY time.


And PhosFix’s, ingredients are GRAS status too. Which stands for Generally Recognized As Safe.


120 capsules per bottle – that’s a 1- to 2-month supply (depending on your current dietary needs)…


PLUS … we’ll send you, absolutely FREE with your order, the ebook “The Complete Guide to Renal Diet Plans & Cookbooks” (a $9.99 value)! Discover the best kidney diet to use at your stage – what to eat, and what to avoid!

PLUS … Have QUESTIONS? You get FREE product support with Kidney Health Coaches who will address your concerns with honesty, knowledge, and compassion.

PLUS … Don’t like it? Then take advantage of our 60-day money back guarantee: Support normal phosphorus levels or get your money back! (See details just below…)




Send payment to:
Healthy Kidney Inc.
501 North Avenue GF
Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

3 Pack


Send payment to:
Healthy Kidney Inc.
501 North Avenue GF
Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075




I’m so confident you’ll LOVE PhosFix
AND all the benefits we’ve discussed above … I’m GUARANTEEING your complete satisfaction with this
TWO-month, iron-clad, “enjoy-healthy-phosphorus-levels, or-get-your-money-back” pledge


Dr. RobHi, I’m Robert Galarowicz – founder of Healthy Kidney Inc, and the creator of PhosFix, the all-natural phosphorus BLOCKER.

And quite frankly, I’m so certain this supplement will help you achieve everything I’ve promised in this letter, AND help you feel better overall … that I’m willing to let you have it for a full 60 days entirely at my risk.

I’m committed to YOUR satisfaction AND results! So give this amazing dietary supplement a workout for 60 days – and if you get anything less than the results you expect, the results I promise you, we’ll refund every shiny penny of your purchase!

Look, I’m not promising you miracles. What I AM promising you, as with ALL my nutritional supplements, is to SUPPORT normal kidney function and kidney health after you give PhosFix an honest try. And if not … I’ll refund every penny you paid!

Simple, right? And certainly a more-than-fair offer.


“I told my entire kidney support group about PhosFix. We all love it! We compare numbers, and we’re all doing so much better since taking your products. Thanks so much, Healthy Kidney!”
– Mabel Simons, London, OH


I promise you this is the finest all-natural phosphorus-blocking formulation on the market … and now it’s YOUR turn to prove it to yourself:


Get Healthy Kidney’s PhosFix Phosphorus Blocker TODAY…and support healthy normal  phosphorus levels, cholesterol levels and normal kidney function!


Let’s get you started, okay? (Because, with kidney issues … time is not on your side.)

Only <26.90> per bottle. (That’s up to a 2-month supply!)




Send payment to:
Healthy Kidney Inc.
501 North Avenue GF
Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

3 Pack


Send payment to:
Healthy Kidney Inc.
501 North Avenue GF
Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075




Because of its Chitosan content, PhosFix may not be suitable
for people with shellfish or seafood allergies.


Please Note: The claims made on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and neither the information herein nor this product therefore can be intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician before embarking on any significant change in diet or lifestyle if you suffer from any serious illness or condition, or are taking prescription medication. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Pregnant and nursing mothers, and children under the age of 18, should also consult a physician before taking this or any dietary supplement.