Kidney Restore and Kidney-D Two Supplements to Strengthen & Support Normal Kidney Function and Other Organs

Optimized Vitamin D With Our Top-Selling Kidney Rejuvenator

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Product Description

From one Kidney sufferer to another:


If I Could Have – And Recommend – Only TWO Supplements To Strengthen Kidneys (And Other Organs), Boost Overall Health, And Yield A MUCH Higher Quality Of Life… Then THIS Powerhouse Duo Would Be It!


And here’s why:

No single supplement, on its own, contains all the nutrients you need to maximize the health and performance of your kidneys and other organs…

…but these TWO do!

And you can try them – absolutely RISK-FREE – For the Next 90 Days!

In these next few minutes, you will see all the reasons why these two breakthrough supplements in our Kidney-Boosting Power Pack, used together, go way beyond anything you (or your doctor) have ever seen before.

This exclusive pairing of our TOP TWO kidney health supplements, Kidney Restore and Kidney-D, is designed to tackle MANY key areas of kidney health so they can finally REST & REJUVENATE!

Together, these two game-changing supplements help you support normal BUN, creatinine, and toxin levels, and support a normal GFR – thereby allowing you to become healthier overall and enjoy a higher quality of life, just like the many hundreds of people who have already tested them and reported back to me, praising the positive changes in THEIR lives, too.

(GFR, or Glomular Filtration Rate, is a measure of how well your kidneys are removing wastes and excess fluid from the blood – basically, the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidneys. And as kidney function drops, BUN – Blood Urea Nitrogen – level, which measures the efficiency, or IN-efficiency, of protein breakdown, rises.)

Here’s a quick run-down of what these two supplements together can do for you:


  • Supports a normal healthy creatinine, eGFR and BUN numbers


  • Supports normal phosphorus absorption and maintains function


  • Aids in supporting normal acid levels and potassium levels


  • Can help you live a happier, healthier, higher-quality life at ANY level of kidney health


  • Supports normal removal of kidney-damaging waste products


  • Provides essential nutrients for supporting kidney function


  • Strengthens immune system and boosts your natural resistance to infection


  • Nourishes and supports your kidneys at the cellular level without overworking them


  • Slows the slide of your kidneys going from bad to worse


  • Maintains normal healthy bones and joints


  • Boosts stamina and energy levels, and maintains normal intestinal flora.


…and much, much more!


A DEADLY downward spiral


One thing about kidneys: When they start to go, they rarely go alone!

Without even considering which is the chicken, and which is the egg (ie: which comes first), the following conditions almost always occur hand-in-hand with weak kidneys – made worse by weakened kidneys, AND damaging your kidneys even further, at the same time:



  • Improper Removal of Poisonous Toxins
    When toxic wastes (the natural by-products of metabolism) accumulate in high concentrations in the blood rather than being properly excreted, they can cause severe damage to your body’s organs (especially your precious kidneys). These kidney toxins include several metabolites such as urea, uric acid, creatinine, indoles, phenols, nitrosoamines, and several other waste products.



  • Excess Phosphorus Absorption & GFR (Kidney Function) Decline
    When kidneys are damaged, they can no longer properly balance potassium and phosphorous, and they then build up in your body. Too much phosphorous can result in weakness and pain in your joints and muscles, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting… while too much potassium can damage your kidneys, heart, and other organs. And when your blood phosphate level gets TOO high, then your blood CALCIUM levels can get too high, too. And THAT … can be DEADLY because calcium, in excess, can form dangerous calcified deposits in your heart, blood vessels, eyes, and lungs.



  • High Levels Of Nitrogenous Wastes and Urea
    A build-up of uremic toxins, if not addressed, can eventually progress to coma, and even death. Uremic toxins occur when there is excess nitrogenous waste retention and reduced acid excretion. A deficiency in good gut bacteria (Lactobacillaceae, etc) can cause this rise in nitrogenous wastes in the gastrointestinal tract, which then reabsorb into the body and cause kidney damage. And poor kidney health (I’m sure you can guess where this is going…) can alter the amount of good bacteria in your gut, which can then lead to uremia or high levels of urea.



And, of course, as each of these conditions worsens, it weakens your kidneys. And as your kidneys grow weaker and weaker, these other issues become even worse as well.

So you can see from this how easily you can become stuck in a downward – often deadly – spiral, with only one logical eventual conclusion. That is…

…until YOU DO something to REVERSE the trend!


And now let’s consider the importance of Vitamin D…


Now, as serious as those conditions above are, there’s one more VERY important nutritional problem associated with impaired kidneys for most people…

…because we now know vitamin D is far more critical for kidney health than we ever before imagined, and the rate of low vitamin D levels, and flat-out deficiency, in people with kidney issues has become staggeringly high.

The simple, straight-up fact is: If you have ANY kind of kidney impairment, then you NEED supplemental Vitamin D. You might even have been told this already by your doctor. (Some estimates have shown as many as 80% of people with kidney problems have a low Vitamin D level.) But the solution is not merely to “get more sunshine”. No, the problem is…

An injured kidney simply cannot convert Vitamin D to its active health-benefiting forms!

That’s why people with kidney issues benefit greatly from additional Vitamin D (as D3) intake. And Vitamin D3 doesn’t just help your kidneys; it benefits every cell in your body!

Yet, as more people test their serum levels, we’re learning that very few are getting as much vitamin D as they should. And if you have kidney problems, you need to be taking MUCH more than other people!

So, when your kidneys are injured, you are most likely going to be low or deficient in Vitamin D. And what’s the big deal about that? Well…

Vitamin D is critical for practically all parts of your body … and so a deficiency or low levels can cause all sorts of health issues. Here are just a quick few, to give you some idea:

Faster Progression of Worsening Kidney Health
Low Vitamin D levels speed up kidney damage. It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire. It’s bad enough you have kidney damage, but low Vitamin D just speeds up your kidney loss. The result is a wicked, and often rapid, downward spiral in both kidney and overall health.

You Die Quicker! (To put it bluntly.)
A low Vitamin D level in people with kidney problems increases mortality rate, considerably. So, plainly put, you die faster compared to someone with adequate D levels.

In people with kidney issues and low D, the parathyroid gland may detect calcium levels incorrectly and leech calcium from the bones into the bloodstream, leaving bones weaker and depositing excessive calcium into places where it shouldn’t be, like the heart and lungs.

Decreased Immunity
Less vitamin D, means MORE colds and infections, both of which also last longer because the immune system is weakened.

More Protein In Your Urine
Low Vitamin D levels can also lead to excessive protein in the urine, due to over-working your under-achieving kidneys. And remember, when urea and other nitrogenous compounds accumulate in the bloodstream, all sorts of additional problems can result – like chronic fatigue, heart disease, excessive inflammation, and poor quality of life.

Intense Joint & Bone Pain
Vitamin D is known for keeping the body’s skeletal system in strong working order. But without enough vitamin D, bones and joints become sore and inflamed, leading to pain and possible bone loss. Again, this is a BIGGER issue for anyone with kidney problems.

Calcium & Phosphorus Imbalance
Kidneys that are functioning normally help balance phosphorus and calcium in the body. But with insufficient Vitamin D, bones become brittle and susceptible to sprains, fractures and breaks.


So … just how much Vitamin D do you need,
if you have kidney problems?


Get your blood serum levels checked!

Really, it’s the only sure way to know for certain if you have low vitamin D levels, so it’s vital you have these checked periodically. From this, your doctor can help you determine just how much extra Vitamin D you need. For ideal kidney support, immune support, and more, your vitamin D blood level should be 40 to 60 ng/mL. That is what you should be aiming for!

That said…

If, for some reason, you can’t get tested (or you want to get started with SOMETHING while you wait) … it’s generally safe to say anyone with injured kidneys can take 1,000 to 2,000 IU (25 to 50 mcg) daily. So a high-quality, high-potency vitamin D3 supplement should be your first choice.


While there are now more and more people with kidney problems taking vitamin D supplements for their health, MANY of them are making one very serious mistake when choosing their D:

First of all, when you take supplemental vitamin D, it is important you also get enough vitamin K2 …because not only do the two vitamins work synergistically, Vitamin D actually NEEDS Vitamin K2 in order to function properly, at all.

Vitamin K2 is a key component of cardiovascular, muscle, nervous system, and bone health due to its ability to regulate calcium absorption and utilization. But what does it have to do with Vitamin D, and your kidney problems?

Remember, Vitamin D transports dietary calcium throughout your body. Well, Vitamin K2 helps make sure the calcium ends up where it belongs – absorbed by your bones. But, when you suffer from impaired kidney function, for ANY reason, you run a risk of calcium not absorbing properly and depositing in places you don’t want it … like in your heart, arteries, and joints.

So, whenever you take a vitamin D3 supplement, you should ALWAYS take Vitamin K2 with it. And THAT is why we formulated our Kidney-D with both Vitamins D3 AND K2 – so you get both vitamins at the same time, in a single capsule.

But that’s not all you get!

See, when your kidneys are injured, you can be low in A LOT of different of nutrients. So, we’ve included the most common nutrients needed by anyone with poor kidney health. For example…

Without proper amounts of B12 and Folic Acid, you could end up suffering from renal anemia, poor memory, hampered heart health, and irregular appetite. Mental fogginess, weak muscles, dizziness or balance issues could also be among your problems.

So you can bet we put those in there, too. Not too much. And not too little. Just the right amount to support normal kidney function and whole-body health.


Here’s how the 1-2 punch of all-natural Kidney Restore and Kidney-D
“knocks out” many kidney issues, and leaves your
ENTIRE BODY functioning – and FEELING –
better than it has in years!


I’ve packaged these two supplements together because they WORK so well together! They do for me … they do for the many HUNDREDS of other users I’ve heard from … and they’re guaranteed to work for you too. (The other reason is because you save some money, this way.)

Discover how you too can now ensure yourself a healthier, happier, higher-quality life just by adding all-natural Kidney Restore and Kidney-D to your daily routine. Here are just a few of the ways they help:


1. Kidney Restore™ helps your colon act like an extra kidney by supporting normal elimination of poisonous toxins. This is because Kidney Restore’s probiotic microorganisms actually CONSUME and METABOLIZE those harmful kidney toxins (like urea, uric acid, creatinine, and other waste) to grow and reproduce … which supports normal toxin load elimination from the body and kidneys. The result is greater “synthesis of function”. In other words … ALL your organs are strengthened and can return to their natural state of working TOGETHER for the good of your whole body.


2. Kidney Restore’s probiotic microorganisms continue to grow in size and number, to consume MORE toxins and restore normal toxin elimination pathways in the body. Essentially taking the work load off the kidneys, so they can rest and regulate.


3. Acid buildup is a problem for weak kidneys, and it can be alleviated with a small daily dose of sodium bicarbonate – the most effective natural agent for neutralizing those harmful acids that build up in weak kidneys! Sodium bicarbonate – baking soda – supports healthy kidney function no matter how poor your kidney health is. It also supports balanced potassium levels by moving it out of cells, so it can be safely removed through urination.

Don’t worry about the sodium in sodium bicarbonate though because it actually has less sodium than a piece of bread. In fact, if you end up in the emergency room at your local hospital with kidney problems, the first thing they may do is give you an IV of sodium bicarbonate to reduce the stress on your kidneys!


4. Kidney Restore™ is the only delayed-release kidney health capsule that allows all the sodium bicarbonate and probiotics to release in the small/large intestine, where they go right to work. Many probiotics are killed off by stomach acid … and sodium bicarbonate can interfere with stomach acid if not in a delayed-release form like ours.


5. Niacin and Niacinamide (forms of vitamin B3), in the proper amounts, help block absorption of phosphorus in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby supporting normal phosphorus levels and healthy cholesterols levels, rejuvenating kidney health, and leading to a healthy heart, too.

And that’s just what you get from the Kidney Restore side of things. Now for Kidney-D, our 100% safe, all-natural, “first-in-market” kidney health innovation:


Until now, if you went looking for a top-quality
Vitamin D supplement for renal health,
there’s one thing you’d notice right away:


There WASN’T any!

Not one single product designed and optimized for kidney support. I know … because I was looking EVERYWHERE for one, soon after my transplant.

But now, with our Kidney-D formula – the ONLY Vitamin D3 designed from the ground up to be specifically optimized for kidney-health – you get a TON of powerful-yet-gentle kidney nutrients in one easy-to-take, “optimal absorption”, once-a-day capsule.

Just as vitamin D can’t function properly without vitamin K2 (see above), vitamin K’s benefits are impaired by too little vitamin D – so you need both nutrients together. That, along with 6 more kidney-specific vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants makes this a must-have supplement in your kidney health tool kit.

So here’s all that we’ve loaded into our Kidney-D just for you:


  • Supplies 2,000 IU (25 mcg) of Vitamin D3, the optimal level for most individuals with impaired kidney function, to maintain ideal levels of serum calcium, phosphorus, and parathyroid hormone, as well as help build strong bones, and so much more.


  • Provides 300 mcg of Vitamin K2 (as the better-absorbed form MK7) – to support optimal bone and heart health, normal calcification and keep your arteries flexible.n.


  • Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid, which are often low when the kidneys are injured, help support energy levels, brain health, and kidney function. They’ve also been shown to support a healthy cardiovascular system and protect against “cardiac events” – an ever-present danger for anyone living with kidney problems!


  • Vitamin C can help boost your natural resistance to infection – especially helpful when taking anti-rejection meds after a kidney transplant. Additionally, Vitamin C can help support normal repair of red blood cells, bones, and other tissues; it helps maintain healthy gums, and speeds healing of cuts and wounds. Vitamin C helps absorb iron, supports a healthy immune system, and normalizes oxidative stress in the kidney cells.


  • Vitamin E strengthens the immune system, encourages production of renal nitric oxide (a kidney protective substance), and helps prevent free radicals from ravaging the kidneys. Vitamin E has also been shown to support normal eGFR levels and boost nitric oxide production, as well as supporting healthy, flexible arteries and veins.


  • Selenium, a kidney super-antioxidant, supports normal glutathione peroxidase (your body’s natural healer) activity in weak kidneys. In people with kidney issues, Selenium levels are typically far too low.


  • Zinc is critical for healthy DNA, metabolic function, and renal system support. In people with kidney problems, zinc has shown a positive effect on weight, proper protein metabolism, immunity, and normal inflammation levels. Low zinc levels from chronic kidney problems can lead to a whole host of complications like renal anemia, poor caloric intake, increased cardiovascular events, organ damage due to greater oxidative stress, sexual dysfunction, and even faster loss of kidney health.


  • Use With Other Supplements and Medications. Kidney-D can be used along with other supplements and over-the-counter products. The ingredients are GRAS status (generally recognized as safe), so no worries about negative interactions.


  • No High Doses. Aside from Vitamin D and K2, all our other super kidney nutrients are well within the recommended daily allowance. So … not too much but just enough, to give you solid kidney support.



And finally … there are NO fillers or undesirable ingredients like soy, additives, or sweeteners. Absolutely ZERO questionable ingredients of ANY sort in ANY of our products. In fact, like all our supplements, this Kidney Health Power Pack is crafted in an FDA-Registered Manufacturer. There is simply no higher quality than an FDA-inspected and -registered facility. EVERYTHING you get from us is quality-controlled every step of the way, to guarantee the same consistency, quality, and results every time.

In fact…


I’m so confident you’ll NOTICEABLY support the
normal function and overall health of your kidneys with my
Kidney Restore and Kidney-D combo…


I’m GUARANTEEING your complete satisfaction with this
TWO-month, iron-clad, “feel-better-or-get-your-money-back” pledge:


Hi, I’m Robert Galarowicz, creator of both Kidney Restore and Kidney-D. And I’m so certain these two supplements, when used together, will help you enjoy increased support for normal kidney performance (along with that of other organs!) and a noticeable decrease in the distress, discomfort, and embarrassment you may be currently experiencing due to impaired kidney function…

… that I’m willing to let you have the pair for a full TWO MONTHS entirely at my risk, just like every other health product we sell.

Simply put: Give these two amazing dietary supplements a workout for 60 days – and if you get anything less than the results you expect, we’ll refund every shiny penny of your purchase! (Full instructions accompany your order.)

Prove their amazing power to yourself:


Get Kidney RestoreTM & Kidney-DTM TODAY
…and launch your kidneys, your health, your LIFE on the road to recovery


Only <$48.90> for the pair. (That’s a $12.95 savings, and a full 60-day supply!)




Kidney Restore &
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