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I’m Robert Galarowicz, founder and owner of Healthy Kidney Inc. A real kidney disease sufferer who has been through kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant. My transplant was only supposed to last 7 years and I couldn’t except that. So, I become trained in nutrition and holistic health and beat the odds. 18 years later my transplant is still functioning well.

My passion, life and existence is kidney health all day every day. Helping people avoid what I had to go through.

We been around for 12 years and are a well-established business. We recently been exploding with our science-based product offerings that are changing people’s lives for the better.

When you join us as a partner you are signing on to helping people in need, this is more than just making a long-term passive income.

We want a team of people working with us who believe in improving people’s lives.

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Large Market Hungry For Something That Works is the go-to website for natural remedies, diet, supplements and lifestyle factors to support kidney health. We provide information and real science-based products that people can feel and measure the differences.

We consistently have very high conversion rates and thousands of positive reviews online. Proof of this HIGHLY lucrative niche and the best part is YOU really help people who need it.

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I know this market, because I am this market. I take all my own products to keep my kidney transplant and health going strong.

Kidney Health is a fast-growing niche with a demographic that have limited choices. We provide real hope and make a real difference when supporting kidney health for the millions of people, all over the world, who need it.

These folks are always willing to purchase, because they want to support kidney health, to avoid a future and state of health they don’t want, with something that works …

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