Advanced Acacia Fiber & Psyllium Fiber in One Product

Optimize & restore digestive health with two of the most powerful gut cleansers....

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Product Description

Optimize & Restore Digestive Health

With Two Of The Most Powerful

Gut Cleansers & Revitalizers

In One Phenomenal Formula


psyllium husk powder


Whatever your digestive goals, our

brand-new Organic Acacia & Psyllium Fiber

can help you triumph over poor bowel health

building up good bacteria & fortifying

your gut’s natural defenses.


Organic Acacia & Psyllium Fiber gives you the best soluble fibers from two tried and true, science-backed natural options people have been using for dealing with poor gut health for years.

The gut restorative benefits of our specially manufactured blend of these two digestive superfood superstars can’t be matched by other commercial fibers.

Our clinically validated acacia fiber with psyllium powder draws upon two of the most thorough gut rejuvenators known to man and relied on by millions of people.

When the gut is happy and balanced, everything else follows suit and total wellness is achieved.

Here’s what Organic Acacia & Psyllium Fiber can do for YOU…

Here are just a handful of the amazing PROVEN benefits of Organic Acacia & Psyllium Fiber (and, as you’ll see, several of these are very closely related):


  • Science-based gut rejuvenation and balanced overall digestive & intestinal health support


  • More short-chain fatty acid production from prebiotics to support normal inflammation in the gut.


  • Also doubles the growth of the “good guy gut bacteria,” Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus, to keep digestive function performing smoothly and maintaining regularity within the gut.


  • A blend of two superstar fiber powders for rebalancing the gut biome, normalizing gas levels, bloating, leaky gut repair and so much more! A superstore of digestive supplement power.


  • These soluble fiber powerhouses also have multiple health benefits. It can support normal cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels leading to improved well-being. Also, promotes feeling full with smaller amounts of food.


  • Organic Acacia & Psyllium Fiber provides double the dose of digestive support and superior nutritional wellness for digestive stressors and other gut woes.


  • Repair leaky guts, support normal inflammation, and restore balance to the gastrointestinal tract with not just one, but two perfect soluble fibers…Organic Acacia & Psyllium Fiber is the ultimate powerhouse cleanser!


  • Can be used as part of any digestive support program for IBS, IBD and more.


  • It is not gritty, mixes easily, is flavorless and can be comfortably taken at high doses.



acacia fiber


What makes Organic Acacia & Psyllium

so powerfully effective…


Research, Research & More Research: Acacia fiber and psyllium have been around for hundreds of years and have hundreds of studies supporting their nutritional use in a variety of situations.

Especially digestive health … They are known as the two best and two gentlest fibers on people’s digestive systems. These two fibers are restorative and rejuvenating in the gut and throughout the body.

Manufacturing and Clinically Tested: Our Acacia fiber is a viscous soluble fiber by the leading, largest acacia fiber producer in the world, called Nexira. There have been numerous studies on Nexira’s state-of-the-art acacia powder, whose benefits we now take a step further with the addition of Psyllium! Psyllium compliments all the benefits of acacia fiber for peak benefits.

Clinically studied for years and has been shown to produce more prebiotics, more short-chain fatty acids, be more easily tolerable, flavorless, and feature more gut-supporting benefits over your standard acacia and psyllium fiber products.



psyllium fiber



Organic Acacia Fiber & Psyllium Fiber


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And just a brief word on

Second Superstar, Psyllium …


Psyllium fiber is an especially helpful digestive aid and soluble fiber, much like Acacia, renowned for its ability to help ease gut inflammation, reduce poor bowel regularity, balance good gut flora and fortify the stomach’s lining and natural defenses.

With myriad benefits which are only multiplied by the addition of Acacia, these two gut-soothing superstars are the ultimate team-up designed to help you feel your best and cast your bathroom woes aside!

People who have a history of gastrointestinal and digestive upset, especially due to complications from things such as IBS, IBD, leaky gut and more have already told us how much Advanced Acacia Fiber has helped them support their gut health and gain back their gut control.

By adding Psyllium you get all the benefits of this superfood prebiotic. When it comes to soluble fiber there are two superstars that shine above the rest. Acacia and Psyllium have the most research supporting their nutritional benefits.

Together, these two fibers magnetize and flush out toxic substances, support regulated bowel movements and you become balanced and in control of your gut health.

It also supports normal gut inflammation, normal gas, normal bloating, normal regularity, so you no longer have to worry about finding that nearest bathroom when you’re out and about or worried about when you’ll have to go next.

And all these benefits are multiplied because Advanced Acacia fiber and Psyllium working together offer a real science-based time-tested fiber duo that is highly effective at accomplishing what you want.

Organic Acacia & Psyllium is our MOST POWERFUL BLEND but also the MOST EFFECTIVE fiber powder supplement on the market today!

Plus, you get all this in an all-natural, no-allergen, science-based formula that uses only the purest acacia and psyllium to deliver predictable, repeatable, desirable results every time. It is pure acacia and psyllium with nothing else in it including wheat, egg, soy, dairy, sugar, corn, gluten, artificial colors, sweeteners, or peanuts.

And our Quality Control is top-notch:

Here at Healthy Kidney Inc., we’re committed – heart and soul – to using only the purest, premium-grade ingredients to bring you the very best in hypoallergenic, science-based supplements that support wellness like no others.

FDA registered manufacturer, cGMP certified, state licensed facilities, clean-label and multiple certifications attesting to our quality and control.


I’m so confident you’ll LOVE Organic Acacia

& Psyllium Fiber AND all the benefits

discussed on this Page…


your complete satisfaction


Dr. Robert Galarowicz | The Founder of Healthy Kidney StoreHi, I’m Robert Galarowicz – founder of Healthy Kidney Inc. and the creator of Organic Acacia & Psyllium. And I’m so certain this supplement will help you quickly begin enjoying more robust health and a greater quality of life … that I’m willing to let you have them for a full 60 days entirely at my risk.

What I’m promising you is a better digestive system, overall wellness, and generally a better YOU than you were BEFORE giving these an honest try.

I promise you this is the finest, most effective Acacia fiber on the market … and now it’s YOUR turn to prove it to yourself:




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