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The Founder of Healthy Kidney Inc. is just like you.

Because he’s been in your shoes, through every stage of kidney health. And thanks to his years of research and education into natural kidney options, he is doing much better than anyone expected!

Healthy Kidney Inc is a store unlike any other. It’s a store with passion, whose sole purpose is to supply the everyday kidney health sufferer with the right tools to go from survivor to thriver!

From our top-selling storehouse of supplements to our educational and thoroughly-researched library of kidney guides to recipes, specialty foods, consultations and more!

My story is real. And that’s why helping you is what I aim to do with every order you place! So, who am I?

I’m Robert Galarowicz. I was blindsided with Stage 3 Kidney issues at the tender age of 22. Imagine being a college student and being told you have ten years to live. I was devastated. As I awaited my kidney transplant and went through arduous dialysis sessions, I determined I was not going to be defeated by this. And I wasn’t!

Instead, it sparked a fire in me and I devoured countless volumes of the latest and greatest kidney support nutritional, diet, and natural options, ultimately becoming a Naturopath and Nutritionist in the process so that I could share this knowledge with others.

Knowing the best natural support has helped me preserve my kidney transplant, which I was told would last 7 years if I was lucky.

Well, guess what?

18 years and it’s still going strong! Giving your kidneys all the natural support they are in dire need of can tip the scales in your favor.

It worked for me, and it can work for you. Healthy Kidney Store promises “hope for healthier kidneys,” and that’s exactly what I want each customer to take from their visit, hope that their journey isn’t at an end, but at a promising new beginning!


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Robert Galarowicz